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Lancer Jupiter JM Series Shredder/Mulcher/Flail Mower is Fixed Centred type or Offset type shredder for grass and branches up to Ø 6 CM. This shredder is a multipurpose machine, suitable for shredding mowing grass, small stems and branch residue, hanks to the robust structure and equipment

Standard Equipment

  • 3 points linkage Cat. 2
  • Gearbox with free wheel 540 RPM
  • Tool type – Blades or hammers
  • Back door easy to open & close
    (4 position locking with Plunger)
  • Rear roller adjustable to 3 positions
  • Side skids adjustable to 2 positions
    made in Hardox
  • counter knives screwed in 2 place
  • 4 XPB side belt transmission
  • External belt adjustment easy and quick
  • Electronically balanced rotor
  • Front protection with flaps

Crop Residue Managment