After Sales

Lancer Laser Tech Ltd. is a 1999 established business entity that has established a strong benchmark in the agro-industry by offering a wide range of “Premium Agricultural Implements” at affordable price in various agricultural activities such as soil preparation, crop residue management and Harvesting. We offer effective agro solutions. Which helps farmers in smart
farming activities.

State of the Art Manufacturing Supplying top-quality products to our customers requires not only excellent engineering and design, but also outstanding manufacturing quality. Our employees are well trained and highly motivated, some are certified technical masters. We use the latest manufacturing technologies for highest precision and lowest tolerance.

The Benefits of Lancer Genuine Spare Parts:
  • 100% Easy To Replace.
  • Quality as it is of Brand New.
  • Getting New Updated Features.
  • Maximum service life.
  • Always Availability.
  • Duplicate parts cannot prove the quality of the design.

Easy Identification And Ordering


Type and serial number of the machine. These data are punched on the Name plate with which every machine is equipped.


Ordering number of the required spare part. This will be found in the spare parts catalogue of user manual.


Description of the part and required quantity.