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Lancer Jupiter JHH Series – / Mulcher / Shredder / Flail Mower JHH Series is Hydraulic side shift of JH Series which is ideal for shredding thick prunings, tree branches up to 8 CM in diametre. This series is specially designed for wide open fields, as well as brushwood and orchards. It can work with 40 to 80 HP Tractors .

Standard Equipment

  • Electronically Balanced Rotor.
  • Three Point Hitch Cat 2 with Hydraulic Side Shift
  • Gearbox with Free Wheel 540 RPM
  • 4 XPB Side Belt Transmission
  • Rear Roller Adjustable in 3 Positions.
  • Front Protection with Flaps
  • Back Door Easy to Open & Close (4 Adjustible Position Locking)
  • (4 Adjustible Position Locking)
  • Side Skids Adjustable in 2 Positions.
  • Counter Knives.
  • Advanced Tool Kit.

Crop Residue Managment