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Lancer Side Shift Rotary Tiller(Rotavator) HS Series is Heavy Duty series, with lateral offset which operates by Hydraulic mechanism. The hydraulic shifting system allows the machine to moves smoothly, quickly and accurately, to work closer to plants and crops without damaging them. It is suitable for row spacing, vineyards and orchards as it reaches under and between the trees.

Standard Equipment

  • Multi Speed Gear Box.
  • L Type Blade, (80 x 7, Ø 14.5 x 57)
  • Gear Driven Side Transmission
  • Powder Coated
  • Three Point Hitch Cat II.
  • Advanced Tool Kit .
  • 19X21 Spur Gear, 212 Rotor RPM
  • Side Skids

Crop Residue Managment