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Lancer Jupiter JLH Series Shredder/Mulcher/Flail Mower is Hydraulic side shift shredder for grass and branches up to Ø 4 M. It is special because of the variety of its use as it is suitable for grass as well as cutting small pieces in vineyards and orchards. It has Hydraulic Side Shifting which facilitates Easy Shifting of Machine for Orchards and critical areas like corners, below the trees,etc.

Standard Equipment

  • Electronically balanced rotor
  • Three Point Hitch Cat 1-2 with Hydraulic Side Shift
  • Gearbox with free wheel 540 RPM
  • 3 XPB side belt transmission
  • Rear roller adjustable to 3 positions
  • Front protection with flaps
  • Back door easy to open & close (4 position locking with Plunger)
  • Side skids adjustable to 2 positions
  • counter knives.
  • Advanced Tool Kit.

Crop Residue Managment