Threshing - Harvesting Solution

Multi Crop Thresher

2.5 Feet Multi Crop Auto Feeder Thresher

Auto Feeder- 2.5 Feet

After the grand success of our Maize Thresher, we spent considerable amount of time in research and development of innovative methods to manufacture threshing products to maximize the profits...

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3 Feet Multi Crop Auto Feeder Thresher

Auto Feeder - 3 Feet

In addition to provide wide drum size of 3 feet company had start manufacturing & Supplying of 3 Feet Multi Crop Thresher Auto Feeder which is beat to rear and side basket thresher model in to the market...

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2.5 Feet With Single Shaft Multi Crop Auto Feeder Thresher

Auto Feeder-2.5 Feet With Single Shaft

As per the market scenario and demand from the area where as the crop variety is less and small farmer company launched Single shaft variant . The 30 inches wide foldable sieve makes it easy to change...

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Maize Thresher

For Step Towards Threshing Technology Solutions Company had started to Manufacturing Maize Thresher. Maize Thresher is suitable for Small and Medium Farm owners with 18 and More HP Tractor.

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Lancer Maize Thresher

Castor Thresher


R & D Going on for Unique Model of Castor thresher so once it will scrutinize than after it can be launch in to the market.

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