Lancer Multi Crop Thresher

Auto Feeder-2.5 Feet With Single Shaft

2.5 Feet With Single Shaft Multi Crop Auto Feeder Thresher

As per the market scenario and demand from the area where as the crop variety is less and small farmer company launched Single shaft variant . The 30 inches wide foldable sieve makes it easy to change the mesh in 15 minutes thus leading to better average for all crop types. An adjustable hook has been provided which can be pulled up and down according to the requirement . Our offered 2.5 Feet Multi Crop Thresher Auto Feeder - with Single Shaft is built using world class material and has powder coating to protect the body against corrosion. Further, the fabricated chassis provides the required sturdiness to the structure.

Single Shaft Multi Crop Thresher Technical Chart